There’s been a lot written about goal setting and there are many different approaches and methods, in fact, its easy to get caught up in the confusion about how to set goals and not end up getting any. These simple steps will help you to set powerful goals and make goal-setting an invaluable part of your life. Youll be amazed at what you can achieve with the help of some well though-out, written goals try it!

Make a date. Make time in your diary to find a quiet, comfortable location to set your goals. I spend a morning at my favorite table in the tearoom of the Sheraton on the Park (a beautiful hotel in Sydney city) in January every year to review my goals and set new ones for the year ahead.

Take five. Create five categories for which to set goals: physical, educational, spiritual, financial, relational. By setting goals for each of these areas of your life, you will be taking a balanced approach and not neglecting any important aspects of your life.

Write it. You must write your goals down it makes them more powerful. Use positive language words like I will and I am this will help you to feel as though you have already achieved your goals and to change your behaviors accordingly, for example, I am going to the gym three times per week. Make sure you allocate a specific timeframe for the completion of each goal, for example, By the beginning of March, I am going to the gym three times per week. Now, identify a reward for achieving each goal dont just make a list of rewards, relate a specific reward to the achievement of a specific goal. This will inspire you even more toward the achievement of your goal. And finally, list the possible obstacles that will get in the way of you achieving each goal, and how you will overcome these. This will help you to pre-empt the things that might go wrong and immediately swing into action with your solution, rather than giving up on your goal.

Share. Make yourself accountable to someone you trust. Share your goals with them and ask them to check in with you regularly to see whether you are on track and if not, why not.

Review constantly. I have been told that the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is that a billionaire reads their goals twice a day. Simple really. I keep a copy of my goals in several locations around my house (on the bathroom mirror, on the printer, outside the shower screen, on the fridge, on my bedside table, and in my wallet), which makes it easy for me to see my goals and be reminded of what I am working towards several times a day.

Keep track. When you return to your favorite place next year, review your progress, and take the time to feel proud of those goals you achieve before you move on to setting goals for the next year.

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